The craze for drip feed followers

dripfeefollowersDrip feed followers is a common trend these days. But first, what is even drip feed? On google, drip feed is defined as administering a solution to someone constantly but in small amounts. In physics , it is defined as  introducing fluid drop by drop into a system, for example lubricating oil into an engine. So then, what is drip feed followers on Instagram?

Introduction to Drip Feed Followers

The concept of drip feed followers on Instagram resonates well with the definitions above. Except that, here the solution is Instagram followers. These Instagram followers will add constantly to your account but in small amount for a month. Drip Feed Followers’ service works by delivering a certain number of followers daily to your Instagram account for 30 days. The packages start from 100 followers a day and go up to 1000 followers per day.

So, if you are looking to add 30,000 followers to your Instagram account, 1000 drip feed followers will be sent everyday for a period of 30 days. So, by the end of the month, the followers count would have swollen by a reasonable amount without there being any sudden jump. The follower growth would not be under any scrutiny or raise any questions!

Benefits of Drip Feed Followers

While the regular benefits of buying Instagram followers apply to drip feed followers service, there are special benefits that come with drip feed followers. Among the regular benefits are,

1) Increase in organic audience

You can attract audiences organically towards you only if you can show them that many people are already following you or liking you, and your Instagram posts etc. This natural tendency to get attracted to places with more people is the key to increase your social media followers.

2) Overtake competition & increase revenues

In today’s era of digital world, every online consumer is smart enough to check and compare the products and services across various websites before buying. Then it only becomes imperative to not just be competitively priced but at the same time have good fan following and good reviews. Buying the followers helps creating a virtual atmosphere where online customers can be given a soothing feeling of reliability and confidence in your products/website. Good reviews will follow only when the customer will buy to try your product, but getting the customer to buy your product is not easy. Projecting a good number of followers is a method of customer acquisition first.

3) Adds authenticity to your profile

First impression plays a vital role in everyone’s life in this fast-paced world. In today’s busy world, where people judge you by scanning within seconds, who really spares time enough to check out more about you or your business. It plays a crucial role in making your profile look reliable and trustworthy, and definitely more authentic versus those who have no followers and tweets.

In addition to the above three benefits, the special benefits of buying drip feed followers is:

4) Makes your followers look more organic

It is only reasonable to believe that when there is an overnight addition in Instagram followers, not all can be organic. This is obviously inorganic growth. This essentially happens in case of celebrities posts, videos and accounts. But when you buy drip feed followers, it only makes your followers look more organic and boosts the profile genuineness.

5) Saves you the Instagram scrutiny

When you add followers slowly i.e. in drip feed fashion, there are chances that you avoid the scrutiny by Instagram. In simple words, when Instagram warns accounts with high number of inorganic following, you will be on a greener side. This is because the inorganic growth to your account will seem organic. So, it is  better deal to go for drip feed followers if you are not willing to allow pointed fingers at you.


If you are new to Instagram! If you have started a new business account on Instagram and have all the good quality product and content! But still do not have many visitors!! It is time you invest in drip feed followers. Go ahead and make your purchase and start seeing the magic unfold. You can choose to buy from any of the many available websites offering similar products but buying at will give a personalized touch to your purchase.

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