3 reasons why you should buy Daily drip followers for Facebook

Do you think buying Daily Drip Facebook followers is bad?

Buying Daily Drip Facebook Followers is not at all bad. Here’s a frightening stat for you:

Only about 16 % of your Facebook followers are seeing your brand’s organic posts.

It’s the Era of Declining Organic Facebook Reach

There’s simply too much content being published on Facebook, making the News Feed space more competitive among marketers.

And Facebook prioritize to show people the most relevant content, as opposed to all content.

Even if you are already producing content that is relevant to your audience, it probably is not visible to them. The ever changing facebook algorithm has made it difficult for businesses to grow on their platform organically.

However the fact remains that people perceive the count of your facebook fans as a metrics of your brand’s success.

Increase your social media count with daily drip followers

What is Daily Drip Followers?

Daily Drip followers is an easy and effective way to slowly add followers to your facebook page.

And slowly adding followers to your profile is a on-off task, which means you don’t have to keep on buying social media followers again and again to maintain the daily drip of followers to your page.

You will have the option to choose how to add drip feed followers – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy Daily drip followers for Facebook:

Follower count boosts your validity

If you are running an ad campaign on Facebook to sell one of your product or service, users viewing your ad will naturally visit your page to validate your authenticity.

Having a decent following beforehand can help them reach a positive decision.

Adding Daily drip followers should be the first step for business who do not want to see competition outperform them merely because they have more followers.

In addition, this can assist with word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing as people will visit your social profile to see your fan following.

Daily drip followers is cost effective and less time consuming

A few years ago, organic social media did offered free and potentially limitless access to your audience,

But today’s social media marketing is little more than a pay-to-play environment.

This is something we can all agree about, paid social media is both effective and essential for brands using social media marketing.

Before you start preparing for a like campaign on facebook you need to know that there is a option with better ROI  to slowly add followers.

Buying Drip feed followers is a much cheaper and effective way to increase facebook page followers gradually.

You just have to choose the number of followers you want to add in a day. No campaign creation and no ad monitoring.

Organic growth is a long shot, if this is the only way you are counting on, you will always be behind

While it’s true to say that paid media is an indispensable component of any successful social media strategy, organic social media is just as important today as it has been in the past.

But to use organic social media to your advantage you need to produce the most clever, transparent, and attention-grabbing content.

The truth is, social media marketing through organic take a long time.

And, you cannot rely on organic forever to increase your count on any social channel.

Strategize to create a balance between paid followers and organic followers.

Continue with organic efforts but set up follower targets and use drip feed method to increase their count.


The process really is that easy.

Slowly adding Facebook followers isn’t something insanely complex.

You know the steps:

  • Determine how many followers you want per day or month
  • Buy you plan and share your username or page link (no passwords required)
  • Place your order and enjoy a successful social media outcome

Now it’s time to execute!

Have you ever bought Drip feed followers? Share your experience with us

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